Article: The Daily Beast


You Should Have Been There: Dispatches From Miami Art Basel

You missed it. The biggest bash of the year and you weren’t even there. Good thing all of these people were. What the tongues are wagging about at the end of Miami Art Basel.

“What I love most about the art week in Miami is the incredible contrast between the absolute professionalism of fair directors, gallerists, and artists by day and our absolute debauchery by night on boats, behind bushes and in sultry underground dens of iniquity,” says Shiva Lynn Burgos, an artist with work at Freight & Volume at Pulse. “Case in point Tuesday’s White Cube kick-off party at Soho House and Le Baron at the Florida Room Delano last night.”

I was not at the White Cube bash nor at Le Baron. Mundane but pressing matters kept me away from Art Basel Miami this year, which was frustrating because pre-fair buzz had suggested that things were finally going into hyperdrive, that the branding events and celeb parties were going to euthanize – or Kardashianize – the art.

I decided to call a few friends and write about ABM anyway. So here we have it: The Tongues of Art Week. Or some of them.

* * *