Natural Disasters

A selection of  scanned images from the Disasters of Nature series are present here.
The original installation of projected images formed an analog slideshow of 35 mm slides chosen from the artist’s archives. They were altered and chemically transformed by Superstorm Sandy which flooded NYC. The liquefied emulsion layers redistributed in an ordered manner thereby creating crystalline patterns and including embedded materials.
The original images vary between experimental photography, landscapes and reportage. By considering the loss of their first story, the project reflects the concepts of metamorphosis and the mutation of memory.


Additional images from the series Natural Disasters available as archival prints

edition of 3 +2AP   56cm x 80cm (22in x 32 in) and  6 + 2AP  18cm x 25cm(10in x 7in)

120x80cm unique

lightbox unique

film 10 minute loop 3+2AP

(printed both with and without original film borders)