After JFK


After JFK/Dallas

Archival inkjet print, embroidery thread 2013

14” x 16”  (18” x 20” framed) unique


image: The Miami Project Art Fair (F+V Gallery -booth#507)

After JFK/Dallas” is a still photograph from a site-specific performance at the precise location where President John F Kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago.  This event challenged American consciousness and established a sense of place, both mentally and physically to generations of individuals affecting the collective memory of a nation.  The incident has become yet another indelible memory for an entire generation transfixed by developing media coverage.


This work By Ned and Shiva is as much about an evolution in landscape as it is an investigation into the iconography by which American history defines itself and characterizes its future.

Whereas the brain is the medium for individual memory, society is the medium for collective memory. Just as memories interacting through their synaptic connections can store and recall patterns, so people in society interacting directly and through cultural tools can form memories and remember the past in ways they could not do as separate, isolated individuals.

After JFK/Dallas is one element in a 3-part installation and live action performance entitled Dallas, Texas

–The foundation for a tapestry has been printed on a 14’ x 16’ sheet of vinyl mesh to be woven in intervals during exhibition. (indoor or outdoor)

–A single channel video component 2min33

–A series of unique printed and embroidered works on paper



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