Shiva Lynn Burgos



Shiva Lynn BurgosShiva Lynn Burgos is a contemporary artist from Brooklyn, New York working between Paris, London and Papua New Guinea. Her diverse practice is positioned within the concepts of evolution, competition, natural and social selection. Media include photography, film, 360 Virtual Reality, sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, tapestry, performance and experimental image making.

Shiva is the first international contemporary artist to work in Mariwai, a small Kwoma village located on the Upper Sepik River, Papua New Guinea. She has returned annually following her first trip there in 2013 and has created The Mariwai Project, a wide-ranging and long-term arts project and cultural exchange with the regional indigenous artists which includes philanthropic support for local art, culture, health, education and development.

As part of her exploration of curating she created GESTE, an annual international photo and image-based exhibition of both well-established and undiscovered artists to encourage a dialogue with themes such as the Gesture, Photographic Materiality, Binary/Non-Binary and upcoming Future Conditional. She maintains an enduring artistic collaboration with fellow American Javier Barrera called Ned&ShivaProductions.

Burgos has been invited to speak at international conferences and contribute to journals based on her research and art practice. Her work, recently part of Manifesta 13 has been exhibited internationally at Biennials, Museums, Art Centers, and galleries.

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