Collaboration with Gelitin “Teach us teach us everywhere” Hayward Gallery London

Audacious interventions, anarchic art events and wanton happenings are Gelitin’s trademark. This course turns the teacher/student relationship upside down and back to front. In Gelitin’s inimitable words:

‘after the workshop “f**k me f**k me everywhere” at Yale University, gelitin is ready for you to come and teach us.
teach us teach us everywhere.
we will go somewhere, reach a point or standstill
above the rim limit, between the wet unkempt and dry unkempt,
the neanderthalic future, the sphincter and the sphinx,
the puzzle of bodies as construction material,
the will to fold and the impossibility to hold.
come and teach us!
come and join us!
getting from here to there nowhere!’