Sabung Ayam at Peanut Underground

May Day 2012 : Festival of Optimism
(AKA 1st Anarchist Art Fair)

Curated by Anonymous
May 1 – 9, 2012

Featuring the Artists
Andy Warhol, Clayton Patterson, dNASAb, Duke and Dutchess, Gregory de la Haba, Gregory Greene, Katie Peyton, Keith Haring, LA2, Lee Wells, Michael Ricardo Andreev, Mickey Smith, Shiva Lynn Burgos, Nico Smith, Occuprint, Peter Fend, Ray Smith, Ronnie Cutrone, Saskia Hahn, Savannah Spirit, Shepard Fairey, Stewart Home, Spencer Tunnick, Wolf Geyr, and more.
sabung ayam 1 (cockfight series) 2012
sabung ayam 2 ( cockfight series)
sabung ayam 2 ( cockfight series)

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