The Seismic Series


2010 17" x 24"
Internal History I


The Seismic Series is a conceptual project dealing with physical earth history, and resource as commodity.  As we consider recent oil spills, wars over natural resources, weapons development and the effects of mining on climate and local ecology this dynamic relationship is revealed.  At the same time, the earth gives forth these precious materials which are used in the evolution of everyday technology, medicines and academic advancement.

2010 17" x 24"
crude conquest


The recent drawings are inspired by geology, seismic mapping and mineral resources (ie. gold, uranium, oil, natural gas, etc.) based on confidential maps provided to the artist. These new works on paper are made with watercolor pens,  graphite and oil pastel. These are all natural materials.  

2010 15" x 10"


A two-part diptych painting “F.S.R.G. (Found Sedimentary Resources Gained)” refers to the license blocks of oil and gas in the Former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

2010 17" x 24"
Internal History II


porous trajectory

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