Ned & Shiva Productions

The performance-based narrative art collaborative Ned&ShivaProductions questions group perceptions and the complex interplay of image and meaning, surface and depth, politics and behavior.

Since 1996, this team , composed of Shiva Lynn Burgos and C. Javier Barrera have projected new social or spiritual orders by simulating and documenting aspects of everyday life that simultaneously mirror and transform their historical sources and openly confront the present. 

Pecos, Texas

Reconsidering the art of propaganda as a force in forming social consciousness, Ned&Shiva provide a commentary on prevailing social or political conditions; flaunting the prevailing social order through simulation and/or reconstituting, through illustration, imitation, or documentation.
We explore alternative perspectives on recent historical episodes, re-tracing the experiences of local populations, we evince contradictions and hybridizations inherent in cultural norms and stereotypical perceptions By re-enacting the shared and imagined memories embedded in the atmosphere of place, we transcend the boundaries between past and present, humanity and geography; illuminating the symbiotic relationship between visual and sound.

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