Shiva Lynn Burgos presents works from “the Seismic Series” at See Line Gallery, Los Angeles

Shiva Lynn Burgos presents works from “the Seismic Series” at See Line Gallery, Los Angeles

“The Seismic Series” is a conceptual project dealing with physical earth history, and resource as commodity. As we consider recent oil spills, wars over natural resources, weapons development and the effects of mining on climate and local ecology this dynamic relationship is revealed. At the same time, the earth gives forth these precious materials which are used in the evolution of everyday technology, medicines and academic advancement.

2010 17" x 24"
crude conquest (seismic series)

The recent drawings are inspired by geology, seismic mapping and mineral resources (ie. gold, uranium, oil, natural gas, etc.) based on confidential maps provided to the artist. These new works on paper are made with watercolor pens, graphite and oil pastel. These are all natural materials.




Ground Control

Curated by Janet Levy and Niki Livingston November 17, 2011 – January 6, 2012
Opening reception: Thursday, November 17, 5-8pm

Pacific Design Center  8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite B274 West Hollywood, CA 90069

See Line Gallery presents Ground Control, a group exhibition curated by Janet Levy and Niki Livingston including sculpture, painting, photography and works on paper by Kim Anno, Nathan Bell, Charlie Becker, Shiva Lynn Burgos, John Divola, Ed Fella, Christopher Haun, Johanna Jackson, Katsuo, William Lemon lll, Taras Matla, Jim Skuldt, Kevin Earl Taylor, Marie Thibeault.

The artists’ works in the Ground Control exhibition reference environmental awareness in a contemplative and also hopeful manner. The exhibition features legendary artist, educator and iconoclastic designer Ed Fella’s rarely seen masterful collages. These collages, created exclusively for Ground Control, are constructed of bits and pieces collected directly from the streets of Los Angeles.

Our environment is not only the air, water, minerals, organisms, and all other external factors surrounding us at any given moment, but also the social and cultural forces that shape the life of a person or a population. We are currently in a continual struggle with man’s need to exercise dominion over an ever-expanding territory and the detrimental side effects of this obsession with control and consumption. With rising awareness to the obvious changes occurring to our climate and the immediate consequences felt by humanity world wide, one would expect to find artistic translation that speaks to the immediacy of this climacteric event. With Ground Control, the curators have selected a diverse representation of artists that subtly draw the viewer’s attention to this ever-evolving story.

Janet Levy is a curator and gallery founder/director born in Los Angeles, CA. She presented her first curatorial project in Luzern, Switzerland in 1990 and brings years of curatorial, gallery and marketing experience to her success in producing and promoting significant projects by prominent contemporary artists. Levy has demonstrated an extraordinarily intuitive ability for selecting talented visual artists and, in 2006, she founded See Line Gallery, an exhibition space dedicated to supporting the work of these exceptional contemporary artists.

Niki Livingston is a curator and Creative Director living in Los Angeles. In 2001 she joined forces with Kime Buzzelli in the creative space and later avant garde boutique Show Pony. By the end of 2005, she ventured out on her own to expand into event production and freelance curatorial advising, as well as taking the creative helm at the iconic contemporary art t-shirt company 2k by Gingham.

See Line Gallery hours Monday – Friday 11am-5pm and by appointment. For further information regarding the exhibition please contact Janet Levy cell 917 604 3114 or email:

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